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Volume Testing

Volume Testing

What is volume Testing?

  • It is a part of performance-testing.

  • It comes under non-functional-testing.

  • It is also called flood testing.

  • It is done to analyze the system performance by increasing the amount of data in the database.

  • To identify the problem those occured with huge amount of data.

  • It is used to check system capacity ,lose of data,system response time, speed of processing under various load.

  • It is used to store data correctly for long time.

  • It is used to identift the issues that can be created with huge amount of data.

  • it deals with amount of resources.

  • It helps for quicker decisions with the best scalability plans.

Tools for volume Testing:

  1. JMeter

  2. WebLoad

  3. Load Runner

Advantages of volume Testing:

  1. It assures that, system is now capable for the use of real world.

  2. save maintance cost and time.

  3. helpful for the issues identification.