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Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

What is Smoke Testing

  • Smoke testing is used to verify whether the deployed build is stable or not.

  • The smoke testing should always be the first test to be done on any ‘new’ build.

  • In the smoke testing, verify the basic functionality of the application do not need to go in deeply to check the application.

  • Smoke Testing done after the release of build.

  • It is done by the developer before releasing the build.

  • It is also known as Build verification testing or documentation testing/verification.

Advantages of Smoke Testing:

  1. Defects can be identified in early stages.

  2. Improves the system qualtiy

  3. Partial number of test cases are required to do the smoke testing.

  4. It can early detect the Software Inaccuracies.

  5. It helps to rapidly identifying issues in the important functionality.

  6. The test cases for smoke testing can be executed manually as well as with the help of automation testing tools.

Disadvantages of Smoke Testing:

  1. It is not a detailed testing.

  2. Smoke testing does not cover all functionalities of the application.