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BigBang Model

BigBang Model

What is BigBang Model?

  • The Big Bang model is an SDLC model.

  • In this model we do not follow any specific procedures.

  • This model used when the client is not sure about the requirements and needs for developing the project.

  • This model is unique it requires no planning project can start instant with no proper development structure.

  • This model involves least planning and no formal method is followed by BigBang.

  • A Big Bang model require just a simple amount of money and very less resources to begin project.

  • The entire effort is spent software developing and coding not in planning and analysis.

  • It is a best model where necessities are not well understood and the final release date is not specified.

  • Best use where customer requirements not fixed and vary with time and the customer believe the system implemented without much analysis.

  • If any changes required in functionality under developed system may not need to renovation the complete software.

Advantages of BigBang Model

  • No Planning Requirements.

  • It is very well-suited for Small Projects.

  • Very simple to use model and easily understandable.

  • Developers are flexible to develop the perfect product with ideas or opinions.

  • Easily managable.

  • Very less resources required.

  • It is a good learning service for new comers.

  • It is very best model for repetitive projects with minimum risks.

  • One or two developers can work together on this model.

Disadvantages of BigBang Model

  • Not suited for large projects.

  • Not suited for object oriented projects.

  • It can be very expensive if requirements are misunderstood.

  • High level of risk and complexity is involved in this model.

  • Not a widely used model.

  • No pre planning required before starting the project.