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Load Testing

Load Testing

What is Load Testing?

  • It is a part of non-functional testing.

  • It comes under performance testing.

  • It is performed to verify a system performance under both normal and at peak conditions.

  • This testing verify application behavior when multiple users access it simultaneously.

  • this testing provide confidence about application..

  • It check real time load under various conditions.

  • We can identify the maximum operating capacity of an application.

  • This testing can be done by manually as well as with the help of automated tools.

  • This testing applied when a software application nears completion.

Advantages of Load Testing:

  1. Load Testing ensures that your application can perform as expected.

  2. It give us confidence to produce high quality product.

  3. This testing enhance the scalability of a application.

  4. Reduced risk for system crash.

  5. Improve customers satisfaction.