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Regression Testing

Regression Testing

What is Regression Testing?

  • Regression testing verifies that code changes haven't impact on already existing functionality of a system.

  • Regression Testing is nothing but partial testing to verify that existing functionalities working fine after re-execution of already executed test cases.

  • We do testing for unchanged parts of the application.

  • In the regression testing we not create new test cases but are re-executed the previously created test cases.

  • It is used for enhance the product reliability by making it bug free.

Advantages of Regression Testing:

  1. To maintain the quality of an application.

  2. Easily find out that there is no new defect has been occurred after adding new functionalities to the system.

  3. We can use automated tools to save time.

  4. Tests can be reused to save time.

  5. It ensures that after fixing of issues doesn’t happen again.

Disadvantages of Regression Testing:

  1. It can be time consuming.

  2. Regression test is play vital role even when the occurrence of small changes.

Tools for Regression Testing:

  1. Selenium

  2. QTP

  3. Winrunner

  4. Ranorex Studio