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Software Testing

Software Testing by techieuncle

What is Testing?

Testing is a process to investigate the prodct or items expected ouput is equals to the actual output or not.Here, product or items means bussiness.Since bussiness required an application to automate the bussiness.

Software Testing?

  • It is a software development process.

  • Testing is used to identify the correctness and quality of the application.

  • To check the actual result is matched the expected result.

  • It helps to identify errors or missing requirements in the actual requirements.

  • To check that software met with specified requirements or fullfill the end user requirements or not.

  • The purpose of softwaree testing is deliver the high quality product.

  • To ensure that product works as intended.

  • Software Testing is a method to identify the functionality of a software applications also to determined that the developed applications is working acceptable or our objectives being met to produce the high qulaity product.

  • Software testing is actually mandatory to point out the faults and inaccuracies that were made during the development periods.

  • In general terms, Software testing also supports to detect errors, gaps or missing requirements.

  • Moreover, Software testing can be done manually or by using automated tools.

Why do we need of Software Testing?

  • To ensure that software is bug free to deliver.

  • Make sure that product meets the customer desires and specification as per their needs.

  • If we fix the bugs identified after the release of product, it would be expensive.

  • Testing is essential for an effective performance of product.

  • Deliver the quality of product to the customers helps in gaining their confidence.

  • Software testing is required to ensure that the application runs without any failures.

  • To ensure that software is bug free to deliver.

  • Fixing of bugs after release is expensive.

  • Software fullfilling the customer requirements.

  • To improve the software efficency and accuracy.

Types of Software Testing

  1. Manual Testing

  2. Automated Testing

Manual Testing:-

Manual testing is the process of manually check software by the QA tester to identify the defects.

Manual Testing does not require knowledge of any testing tool.

In manualtesting tester manually execute test cases without using any automation tools.

Tools used to do Manual Testing are:-

  1. Bugzilla

  2. Jira

  3. Fogbuz

  4. Lighthouse

  5. Mantis

Automated Testing:-

Automation Testing achieved by writing test scripts or using any automation testing tool.

It uses automation tools to write and execute test cases.

Automation tools are used to automate repetitive tasks also the other tasks which are difficult to perform manually.

Tools used to do Automation Testing are:-

  1. Selenium

  2. Appium

  3. Test Studio

  4. Cucumber

  5. TestComplete

  6. Silk Test

  7. HP WinRunner

What is Bug:-

  • The expected output is different from actual output.

  • It is a fault in program.

What is Error and Types of Error:-

  • It occured by human action and produce problem in the system.

    Types of Error:-

  • Syntax errors

  • Logical errors

  • Run-time errors

  • Compile-time errors

What is Defect:-

  • A defect is found when the application does not conform to the requirement specification.

  • Occure because of mistake in coding.

What is Faliure:-

  • It is identified by end user.