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Testing Techniques and Types

Testing Techniques and Types

Testing Techniques

There are two types of Testing techniques

  1. Dynamic Testing Technique

  2. Static Testing Technique

Dynamic Testing Technique

  • Application is executed by applying multiple numbers of input values and examined the output with the expected output.

  • As we know testing is based on V model i.e verification and validation.

  • Validation is known as Dynamic testing on the other hand Verification is called a Static testing.

  • Dynamic testing used when we work with the actual system by providing an input to check the expected behavior or check at run time on different environments by end users.

There are two types of Dynamic Testing

  1. Black Box Testing

  2. White Box Testing

Black Box Testing

Black Box Testing:-

  • It is a part of Functional Testing.

  • It also known as Behavioral Testing.

  • In the Black Box Testing we do not need to know the internal codes and structure of the program.

  • The tester should be familiar with only about the inputs and the expected outputs of the application. Means what input should be provide and what should be the output.

  • Black box testing provides abstraction to the code and efforts on the validation of your functional requirements.

  • In general terms, this testing is done without the internal knowledge of the applications.


When we drive the car we do not have need to check the car engine that how it’s working. We only focus on front ,back and side mirror,accelerator, break and clutch because it’s enough to drive the car.

There are two types of Black Box Testing

  1. Functional Testing

  2. Non-Functional Testing

White Box Testing

White Box Testing:-

  • It is a part of Non-Functional Testing.

  • It is usually perform by the developer.

  • It is a method in which the internal structure of the item is tested by the tester.

  • In this testing, the code observed by the tester to identify the defect.

  • The coding should be transparent to the tester.

  • It is also known as Clear Box Testing, Open Box Testing, Glass Box Testing, Transparent Box Testing, Code-Based Testing or Structural Testing.

There are types of White Box Testing

  1. Unit Testing

White Box Testing Technique:-

There are three types of White Box Testing Technique

  1. Statement Coverage

  2. Branch Coverage

  3. Path Coverage

Static Testing Technique

  • Where testing is done without executing the code.

  • This type of testing comes under Verification.

  • Static testing is perform before the compilation process.

  • Static testing used to stop the occurrence of the defects.

  • It helps to improve the quality and product and fix the defects at early stage of software development process.

There are two types of Static Testing Technique

  1. Review

  2. Static Analysis


Review can be defined by four ways that are:-

  • Informal Review

  • WalkThrough

  • Technical Review

  • Inspection

Static Analysis:-

Static Analysis can be defined by two ways that are:-

  • Data Flow

  • Control Flow


Missing requirements, design defects, deviations in code standard, inconsistent in code structure these types of defects we can easily find out with the help of Static Testing.