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Functional Testing

Functional Testing

What is Functional Testing

  • In the Functional testing functions are tested by providing the input and observing the output.

  • This testing ensures that the application satisfied the requirement of the product.

  • Functional testing perform first to execuute applications.

  • Functional testing plays very important role because it always verifies that your system is working fine in a useful manner to perform the tasks.

  • Manual Testing and Automation Testing both can be used for functional testing as per the software requirement.

  • In the functional testing always focused on customer requirements or to produce a high quality product.

  • In the functional testing we check the application functionalities is working properly without looking at the internal structure of the code.

Types of Functional Testing

  1. Unit Testing

  2. Smoke Testing

  3. Sanity Testing

  4. Integration Testing

  5. Regression Testing

  6. System Testing

  7. User Acceptance Testing

  8. Component Testing


We use functional testing to verify the broken links, validations working properly, all the buttons are active etc.Whether it is doing at least the things which is supposed to do.