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System Testing

System Testing

What is System Testing?

  • It is used to test the complete integrated software product.

  • It is used to detect any wrongdoing between the components that are combined together.

  • It is used to verify that the system works as expected or not.

  • It tests the design and performance of the system and check is it working as per the expectations of the customer.

  • It's a part of black box testing that only evaluate the external working features of the software.

  • After the completion of Unit testing and Integration testing we used System testing to verify issues.

  • It checks the installation, functionality, performance, reliability, security and documentation of the application.

  • Before the acceptance testing we done System testing.

  • It perform end to end testing to prevent the system failure at the time of implementation.

Advantages of System Testing:

  1. It is used to test that the application is working properly from the user point of view.

  2. It is done before any project Go for live, so it is very essential testing.

  3. Focuses on improving performance.

Disadvantages of System Testing:

  1. Test cases are difficult to design.

  2. We have to wait for all modules to complete their testing.