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Stress Testing

Stress Testing

What is Stress Testing?

  • It is a part of non-functional testing.

  • It comes under performance testing.

  • This testing verify the stability & reliability of the system.

  • It is done to ensure that the system would not crash under heavy load condition.

  • Basically, the use of stress testing is to determine the maximum load, at which the system breaks.

  • This testing display the defect related message when the system feel stress or out of handle capacity.

  • The recovery of the system is very critical after heavy stress.

  • To verify that the system has saved the data before crashed.

  • To verify the unpredicted bugs are not a reason of security issues.

  • It help to verify internal progressions and controls.

  • It help to find out the infringement(break) point and focus on the solution to avoid such conditions.

  • It help to verify the compatibilty, performance, load etc. and prevent the system to crash.

  • This testing helps to verify that the system behave as expected with both underload and beyond limit.

Tools for Stress Testing:

  1. Load Runner

  2. JMeter

  3. WebLoad

Disadvantages of Stress Testing:

  1. Stress testing can be time-consuming.

  2. System can be slow if test the system stability for long time.