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Spike Testing

Spike Testing

What is Spike Testing?

  • It is a part of performance-testing.

  • It comes under non-functional-testing.

  • It helps to findout the weakness of an application.

  • It helps to estimate the behavior of the system under sudden increase or decrease of user load.

  • It helps to determine the how much low it will take to recover the system.

  • It checks the stability of system during rushes of simultaneous occurrence of users

Tools for Spike Testing:

  1. JMeter

  2. WebLoad

  3. Load Runner

Advantages of Spike Testing:

  1. This testing surely provide a positive result.

  2. It maintain the performance of system in any condition.

  3. This testing saves system application from crashing.

Disadvantages of Spike Testing:

  1. Ignorance of the defect can be dangerous.

  2. It is very expensive testing tool.

  3. Tester should be highly knowledgeable.