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Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

What is Exploratory Testing?

  • Exploratory testing is help to enhance or explore the knowledge.

  • This testing is used to do the investigation of system or application.

  • It help to improve the test design.

  • In this testing, we don’t have any test cases or test planning documents to test the application.

  • It can be done without any specific plans and documents.

  • It is based on thinking activity.

  • this testing is all about the discovery and learning.

Advantages of Exploratory Testing:

  1. Time saving as doesn’t require preparation.

  2. Even if we don’t have test cases in advanced then also we can do the exploratory-testing.

Disadvantages of Exploratory Testing:

  1. It can produce bugs as we don't have documents for what to test.

  2. It is difficult to report without test cases.

  3. Difficult for repetition.

  4. it can be difficult to identify which tests cases have done their execution.

  5. Tester should be experienced.

  6. The new enter member should be aware from application.