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Soak Testing

Soak Testing

What is Soak Testing?

  • It is a part of performance-testing.

  • It comes under non-functional-testing.

  • It is also called capacity testing,logevity,endurance testing.

  • It helps to analyze the performance of system under a significant load for an extended period.

  • It helps to identify and optimize possible problems, like memory leakage, resource leakage also to avoid slowdown of system performance.

  • It helps to identify issues related to memory allocation and database resource utilization.

  • It is used to make sure that the system is reliable and stable.

  • It is used to validate software behavior under heavy loads for a continuous long time.

  • It is better to perform after load testing for best result.

  • It is done at the system level.

Tools for Spike Testing:

  1. JMeter

  2. WebLoad

  3. Load Runner

Advantages of Soak Testing:

  1. It give assurances for application fitness.

  2. It improves the performance and behavior of the system.

Disadvantages of Soak Testing:

  1. If the same system work nonstop then it may fail or behave abnormally and it may cause of crash.

  2. it requires a lot of time to execute application.