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Operating System

what is Operating System

What is Operating System ?

  • An operating system is a software that runs on a computer.

  • It works as an interface between the software and the computer hardware.

  • It is able to manage the memory, software and hardware of the computer.

  • It controls and monitors the execution of all resources and operations of the computer.

  • Every computer have at least one OS to run other programs.

  • It provides the environment to all the applications like MS Word, Games, chrome etc. to run and give the permission to perform their task.

  • It is not possible for the user to use any computer or mobile device without having an operating system also the computer is useless without O.S.

Need of Operating System

  • It receive input from the keyboard and display the output on the screen.

  • Track the files in storage devices.

  • It ensure that different programs running at the same time do not interfere with each other.

  • The operating system coordinates with all to make sure each program gets what it needs.

  • An operating system (OS) handles the computer requirements by finding resources, applying hardware management and providing necessary services.

  • It manages set of resources and utilize every part of a computer.

Different type of Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Apple iOS

  • Google's Android OS

  • Linux Operating System

  • Windows Phone OS

  • Mac OS

Types of Operating System

Advantages of Operating System

  • It must make sure that the computer system convenient to use.

  • Easy to use with a GUI (Graphical user interface).

  • Follow the scheme of an abstraction to hide details of hardware.

  • It convert a program into the process.

  • It manage input, output and resource allocation.

  • OS is responsible to schedule the process for the execution on CPU.

Disadvantages of Operating System

  • It is not secure as a threat can occur at any time.

  • It is a bit difficult to run Linux compared to Windows.

  • Data can be loss if system crash.