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Spring Boot

What is Spring Boot

What is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applicatins that you can "Just Run".

  • Spring boot is an advance module by spring framework.

  • Spring boot is a java enterprise application development framework and in which you can startup the application by simply bootstrapping the application.

  • Spring boot creates production-ready code, it means write the code and deploy to production.

  • Spring boot can bulid the end to end application, in which there will be database leyer, application and business layer.

  • It is used to application development where we need rapid application development.

  • That why its also known as Rapid Application Development module in spring framework.So, its very popular in spring framework.

What is Spring?

Spring is application framework as of now, intially we have only DI(Dependency Injection) feature that made it very popular.

  • Spring is Application Framework.

  • Spring is programming and configuration model. Since, as of now spring have so many feature rather than DI, developers are free from code stuff they have to handle only business model and spring will take care of other developer code issue.

  • Spring provides Infrastructure support too like connecting to databases like mongo, oracle and so on.

What are the problems with Spring?

Spring is Huge Framework because it handles developers concern and supports so many features. Many things are outdated too like JDBC but still have support.

  • Spring is Huge Framework

  • Spring have Multiple setup steps

  • Spring have Multiple Configuration steps

  • Spring have Multiple build and deploy steps

Why spring boot?

  • Spring Boot is Advanced Java-based framework, which is an open-source that is used to create a micro Service.

  • Spring Boot is developed by Pivotal Team.

  • Spring Boot has used for building production-ready stand-alone applications.

Difference between Spring and Spring Boot ? or Why do we use Spring Boot instead of Spring to develop REST web services.

  • Spring Boot reduces a lot of configuration and boilerplate code.

  • Spring Boot uses third-party libraries with minimum effort.

  • Spring Boot is easy to create standalone applications with embedded Tomcat/Jetty/Undertow.

  • Spring Boot provides metrics, health checks, and externalized configuration.

How to setup java 8 in windows 10?

Follow the instruction from oracle Instructions for Java-8 Setup

Spring Tool Suite

Find the download link for window from official site and start coding
Spring tool suite download

Hello World Example of Spring Boot:-


public class Example
 String home()
  return "Hello World!";

 public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
  SpringApplication.run(Example.class, args);