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Micro-services with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Course Road Map:-

In this course, we will learn the following:-


Java, eclipse, maven, junit, TDD, Refractoring and simpleDesign.Java, eclipse, maven, junit, TDD, Refractoring and simpleDesign.

Expertise Level Development in the following language:-

  • Spring, JSP-Servlets, Spring MVC, Hibernate and Mockito.

  • Further, we will learn spring boot, Rest webservices, JHipster and springCloud.

UI Development :-

UI Development for Frontent of the above backend development: This will help you to become full stack developer; JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Thymleaf, Angular, REACT and jQuery.

For the interview perspective and Best-practices:-

We will learn Architecture, Micro-services, BDD, Design-Patterns, Simple-Design, Automation Testing, Unit Testing and Code-Modularity and Code Quality. These are very important to learn spring boot and micro-services.


The Spring Micro-services will be the initial step in learning, from where we will start the course. This course will include the following steps: -

  • Web-Services Intro

  • Restful Webservices

  • Microservices with spring cloud

  • Spring boot

  • JPA in Spring Boot.


Now, we will continue the restful web-services in spring boot example, please note that spring boot application is based on maven, so we will speak not more about the maven project but will explain you what is the benefit and how to use maven in the application while using spring boot.

We will learn the basics and advanced topics in java web-services as below; -


  • Http Request method like GET, POST, DELETE.

  • Exception Handling, Validation, HATEOAS, HTTP Response Status 200, 400 and 404.

Expertise Level:-

  • Versioning, Swagger, Filtering and Monitoring, content Negotiation, Internationalization.

  • Tools and Frameworks will be used in the example

  • Spring, Spring Boot, JPA, Maven, Postman.

spring boot with micro-services

After that we will learn spring boot with micro-services in which we will learn the following topics.

  • Spring Cloud Config Server and Bus.

  • Load Balancing with Ribbon and Feign.

  • Implement Naming Server with Eureka.

  • Implementing API Gateway with Zuul.

  • Distributed Tracing with ZipKin.

  • Fault Tolerance with Hystrix.

Resolve Doubts about upcoming thoughts in mind

Now is the time to investigate some upcoming thoughts in mind, which are may be in one of them as below. Let’s go from one by one.

  • Overview of the course (Goal and Features)

  • Pain points and world without Spring boot

  • Functional Magic of Spring Initializer

  • Simple Rest Controller and its benefits

  • Spring Boot Auto Configuration

  • Spring Boot developer tool

  • Spring Boot Actuator

  • Sample examples

  • spring boot vs spring mvc vs spring