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What is Webservice

What is Web service?

You can think about the term web and service, which means the service on web. In one word we can say "The services transported over the web".

Let’s take an example, we all know about google map and what is google. In the daily life, what do we do with google map: -

  • Individual person can navigate a path from one place to other place to find the exact address.

  • There are many deliveries like online food provider, cloth provider and many other online services available in our daily life.

  • You can find uber and uber can arrive to your exact address.

So, from the above points you can imagine without a service which is google map location service API which is provided by Google. As we should know that we are accessing google map free but these online companies who are accessing the API, they are directly contacting to google and getting authorization. So, this is the very small concept and providing very big worldwide service.

The benefit of webservice is that any one can access the service from any where with any other language supports.

WEB-SERVICE:- Web(UI)-----------------Directly access---->API Where API is combination of business logic and database layer.


Webservice is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.

3 keys

  • Planned for machine to machine/application to application interaction.

  • Must be interoperable not the platform dependent.

  • Must allow communication over a network.

Let’s see there are three application of three different IT Company:-

Application 1: Uber Application 2: Zomato Application 3: OLA

The above three application are using web service of google that is know as google map API.


How does data exchange between this application take place?


How can we make web services platform independent?:-

Each and every web service uses only two type of standard data like XML or JSON. If you don’t know about just don’t worry, we will discuss in the next topics very vast and will explain you in very nearer.

How does the Application A know the format of request and response?:-

There are some methods available on HTTP protocol that are using while communication and these are handle via http protocol.