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request and response

What is request and response

What is request and response?

Today’s world everyone is accessing internet either for entertainment or for information, some of them are accessing YouTube, Netflix and amazon prime video for entrainment and some of them watching news.

These entered text is requested to watch the things or content, and the return content from these servers is response. Note: A content may be video, audio and text.

While using you may have focus one thing that if you want to see anything from these YouTube, Netflix and amazon prime video companies servers, we have to enter the text information what we want to see either on google search or their own search bar, then we get the things that we expect from these server.

What is message exchange format xml and json?:-

Message exchange format in webservices can be XML or JSON. We can use text and html too. But the standard format is xml and json. These two are machine to machine/ application to application readable.

What is Service provider or server?

Service provider or server is the system software that contains application build on any computer language like java, .net and php that handles the request and after reading the request it will give the response to the exact requester using http protocol, where http protocol is stateless protocol. It means http will not give response without any request.

What is consumer or client?:-

Consumer or client is the person or system software who reads the service or response which is given by server or service provider.

What is service definition?

Service is a set of system software, which is install on the machine. This machine is known as server that contains the web service and these service components are reading from the client. Client will request the service to server that he needs a service to read the data on web and after reading that he may wants to execute the business logic or service only. This possibility is depending on the person or client what are they going to do with the response.