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Use of Spring Boot

Use of Spring Boot

Why do we prefer spring boot in java for development?

  • Spring boot uses the concept of dependency injection of spring-core.

  • Spring boot taking very less time to bootstrap the application, so that it takes very less time for development as compare to other java framework.

  • Spring boot have very strong database transaction capabilities.

  • Spring boot have the best feature that spring boot can integrate with any other java framework like JPA and HIBERNATE ORM, STRUTS, Spring security etc.

  • Spring boot avoid extra XML configuration and annotation.

  • Spring boot provides list of spring sister projects that helps to built the modern application with java.

What is the spring sister projects that are used for modern application development?

Spring Data:-

Spring data is a high level SpringSource project that is used to unite and luxury the access to distinct types of persistence stores, both relational database systems and NoSQL data stores. It makes things easier for data access from the relational and NoSQL databases.

Spring Batch:-

Spring batch featured with reusable functions that is used for development in the case of large volumes of records including tracing or logging to get the transaction records.

Spring Security:-

Spring Security is a framework that concentrated on providing both authentication and authorization to all the Java applications. Spring security have very high level access controller that we can customize as per our need while development.

Spring Social:-

spring social provides integration with social networking site like LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail and twitter.

Spring Integration:-

Spring integration provides the lightweight messaging with application based on Spring and that supports integration with outside systems via declarative adapters. Folks adapters enables a higher-level of abstraction over Spring's support for remoting, messaging, and scheduling.

Spring Cloud:-

Spring Cloud Data Flow:-

Spring HATEOAS:-

Spring REST:-

Spring AMQP:-

Spring for Android:-

Spring CredHub:-

Spring Flo:-

Spring for Apache Kafka:-

Spring LDAP:-

Spring Mobile:-

Spring Roo:-

Spring Shell:-

Spring Statemachine:-

Spring Vault:-

Spring Web Flow:-

Spring Web Services:-