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Spring boot tutorial

What is Spring Boot

What is Spring Boot?

  • Spring boot is an advance module by spring framework.

  • It is used to application development where we need rapid application development.

  • That why its also known as Rapid Application Development module in spring framework.So, its very popular in spring framework.

Why spring boot used for ?

  • Spring Boot is Advanced Java-based framework, which is an open-source that is used to create a micro Service.

  • Spring Boot is developed by Pivotal Team.

  • Spring Boot has used for building production-ready stand-alone applications.

Difference between Spring and Spring Boot ? or Why do we use Spring Boot instead of Spring to develop REST web services.

  • Spring Boot reduces a lot of configuration and boilerplate code.

  • Spring Boot uses third-party libraries with minimum effort.

  • Spring Boot is easy to create standalone applications with embedded Tomcat/Jetty/Undertow.

  • Spring Boot provides metrics, health checks, and externalized configuration.

Hello World Example of Spring Boot:-


public class Example
 String home()
  return "Hello World!";

 public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
  SpringApplication.run(Example.class, args);