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Network operating System

Network operating System

What is Network operating System ?

  • A network operating system (NOS) is an operating system that manages network resources.

  • It includes special functions for connecting computers and devices into a local area network (LAN).

  • It manages multiple requests (inputs) that occurs simultaneously and provides the security in a multiuser environment.

  • It allows multiple devices to communicate and share resources with each other.

  • A Network Operating System runs on a server.

  • The Network operating system includes a number of personal computers, a printer, a server with a local network that connects them together.

  • Network Operating System provide security features such as authentication, logon restrictions, access control and back-up services.

Types of Network operating System


  • It allow users to share resources and files located on their computers.

  • It allow to access shared resources found on other computers.

  • Here, all the computers are considered equal because they all have the same capabilities to use the resources available on the network.

  • This networks are designed for small to medium local area networks.

  • In this network dedicated server or centralized server not required.


  • A computer network in which one centralized, powerful computer (called the server) is a hub to which many personal computers or workstations (called clients) are connected.

  • The clients run programs and access data that are stored on the server.

Advantages of Network operating System

  • Highly stable centralized servers.

  • Security handled through servers.

  • Data remotely access possible from different locations.

Disadvantages of Network operating System

  • Regular updates and maintenance required.

  • High cost of buying and running a server.

  • Dependency on centeralized server.