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Batch Operating System

Batch Operating System

What is Batch Operating System ?

  • It does not directly interact with the computer and user.

  • Each user prepares his job write on cards and submits it to the computer operator.

  • An operator takes similar jobs having same requirement and group them into batches.

  • The main work of an operator is to sort the jobs with similar needs.

  • Jobs are managed as first come first serve(FIFO).

  • The operator perform all the required operations in a sequence.

  • The operator execute all the jobs of one batch together.

Advantages of Batch Operating System

  • Improved performance as a new job get started after the previous job is finished.

  • Multiple users can share the batch systems at same time.

  • very less idle time for batch system.

  • large work can easily managable.

  • No need of any special hardware and system support to input data.

  • If an error occurs in one jobs of a batch, then, all the jobs get affected.

Disadvantages of Batch Operating System

  • It can be costly.

  • Very difficult to find out the time required by any job to complete.

  • No direct communication between the user and job.

  • The speeds of the I/O devices are slower than CPU.

  • Difficult to provide the priority for execution.

  • Debbuging is difficult.

  • Waiting time is more for a program.