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Distributed operating System

Distributed operating System

What is Distributed operating System ?

  • A distributed operating system is an operating system that runs on several machines the purpose of distributed operating system is to provide a useful set of services.

  • It is a software collection of independent, networked, communicating, and physically separate computational nodes.

  • They handle jobs which are serviced by multiple CPUs.

  • Each individual node holds a specific software and that software is a subset of the global aggregate operating system.

  • Here, several independent interconnected computers communicate each other by using a shared communication network.

  • All the independent systems have their own local memory and the processors communicate with one another through various communication lines, like telephone lines.

  • The Distributed Operating System also called loosely coupled systems.

  • A distributed operating systems are proposed to make a collection of resources on multiple machines operational by a set of loosely cooperating users those running independent tasks.

  • Distributed operating systems are hard to design because they face inherently hard problems, such as synchronization.

  • The machines that are controlled by a distributed operating system are connected by high quality network, such as a high speed LAN.

  • By using Distributed operating System user can access the files or data remotaly by sitting anywhere in the world with that network.

  • In the Distributed operating System size of processors in system are differ in size and function.

Advantages of Distributed operating System

  • Remote access available.

  • fastest resource sharing.

  • less time taken for data processing.

  • Failure of one will not affect the other network communication, because of independent systems.

  • Less load on the host computer.

  • High speed data transfer with one another via electronic mail.

Disadvantages of Distributed operating System

  • Not reliable.

  • Data can lost or corrupted.

  • The average access time is more.

  • The distributed operating system have security problems.

  • The nodes in the distributed systems can only perform limited tasks.

  • Failure of the main network will stop the entire communication.