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Time-sharing Operating System

Time-sharing Operating System

What is Time-sharing Operating System ?

  • It is a technique that allows multiple user, located at different terminals, to use a particular computer system at the same time.

  • In which each task has given some time to execute so that all processes run effortlessly without any problem.

  • Time-sharing also called multitasking O.S.

  • It is used to provide an interactive use of the computer system.

  • It allows multiple users to share the computer resources simultaneously.

  • It provides the direct access to a bulky number of users where CPU time is divided to all the users on scheduled basis.

  • Time sharing uses the concept of threading.

  • Each user occupies the time of CPU as they use a single system.

Advantages of Time-sharing Operating System

  • Provide quick response.

  • It reduces the idle time of CPU.

  • Many applications can execute at the same time.

  • Task switching time is very less.

  • Avoids duplication of software.

  • Each task and each user get its time to perform.

  • No task interruption by the system.

  • In this operating system any modification in the program can be possible.

Disadvantages of Time-sharing Operating System

  • It consumes much resources so it need special operating systems.

  • It is more complex.

  • Data communication problem.

  • Switching between tasks becomes sometimes complex, as there are lot of users and applications running which may hang up the system.

  • More attention require at the end of the task.