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Template Literals

Template Literals

Template Literals

  • Template literals are string literals allow embedded expressions.

  • Here, we can use multi-line strings and string Interpolation features with them.

  • We use backtick (` `) to enclosed string instead of single quote or double quotes.

Example with use of Template Literals:-

var str = `string data`;  //single line

console.log (`string line 1
string line 2`);//multiline 

`string data ${expression} string data`// String interpolation

tag `string data ${expression} string data`//Tagged templates


String Interpolation

The syntax is:-


Example 1:-

let one = Hello;  
let two = 'Navneet'; 
console.log(`ohhh, ${one}

How are you ${two}`); 

Example 2:-

let a = 100;  

let b = 200;
console.log(`The sum of the variables ${a} and ${b} is: 


Tagged templates

  • Tagged templates is a function allow us to parse template literals with a function.

  • The first argument of a tag function contains an array of string values.

  • The remaining arguments are related to the expressions.

Example 1:-

function Test(data, a1, a2)
    console.log(a1+"  and  "+a2);   
let str = 'ohhhhh';   
Test`superb ,aman ${str} ${100+200}`;

Example 2:-

function test(firstName, lastName) 
 return `Good morning ${firstName} ${lastName}! 
 How are you?`

console.log(test('Heera', 'Babu'))


Raw Strings

  • The String.raw() method is a tag function of template literals.

Synatx is:-

String.raw`template string`  

Example 1:-

let data = String.raw`ohhhh, hiiiii \n superb yaar `