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What is AngularJS ?

Angular JS is an open source client-side JavaScript framework. It is used to create web applications with the help of CSS (cascade style sheet) we can develop animated transitions.

It is developed by Google. By the use of Angular JS, we can develop single page web applications.
Angular JS extends HTML with directives. Angular can be added to a web page with the help of JavaScript tag.
Before study of Angular, we should know of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
<title>My Angular File_One</title>
<script src="angular.min.js"></script>

angular. module ("Sample",[]);

<body ng-app="Sample">
Sum of Two Number is {{1+2}}
In this example inside the script tag we have used…

·        angular. module ("Sample",[]);  Here angular is a class and module means it contains all the logic which are used for the applications.
·        Module fetches the data from the web service and convert data in the model and send it to the views.
·        Angular JS starts with the module it contains all the components which used for an application.
·        Sample is a name of the module that we are going to create.
·        We can also provide the new module name in place of square bracket like:
·        ("Sample",[here we can provide new module name]); 
·        The use of square bracket is no module dependencies.
·        In the body tag ng-app stands for the angular application.It is a root directive.
·        ng-app It cannot be nested. Also, multiple ng-app can be on the same page.
·        One ng-app should be on one web page.

·        {{<expression>}} it is an angular expression used to test angular JS. Here we cannot add loops, conditional statements etc.