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getChars() method

String Character Extraction getChars() method in Java

String Character Extraction getChars() method in Java?

The String Character Extraction: getChars() method The getChars() method is used in java for copying String characters to an Array of chars. To extract more than one character at a time by using getChars() method.

/* Syntax of String Character Extraction: getChars() method*/
void getChars(int start, int end, char target[], int targetStart)


Here, start indicates the index of the beginning of the substring and end specifies an index that one past the end of the desired substring.
Program for getChars:

/* Example: */
class HB6
  public static void main(String args[])
   String s = "How are you? Dear student.";
   int start=13;
   int end=17;
   char target[]= new char[end- start];


Sample Output