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What operations perform JVM?

JVM which stands for Java Virtual Machine perform the following operations:

  • It loads codes and it also verifies that code.
  • It executes the code.
  • It provides the run-time environment.

Java virtual machine is a set of program, it is not an operating system, but it adapts the operating system and makes java platform independent. So that we can say that Java becomes platform independent due to JVM.

                                      Since, when any user wants to install Java on their system, then they need to check the system properties ( What is the system's property window 32 bit or 64 bit or Linux OS) before downloading the Java software.
You can download java.
You can check System Instruction on oracle.

Leave the topic of java installation, Hence, Java is Platform independent due to JVM, this is only reason.

JVM provides definitions to following:

  • Memory Area
  • Class file format
  • Register set
  • Garbage-collected heap
  • Reporting Fetal-error etc.
How JVM works:

Classloader ---> memory area ---> execute ---> Instruction ---> life

Classloader loads Class files, 
memory area contains heap+stack+PC sets+mask,
And then it executes instruction and it's output's life  comes here.