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Internal detail of JVM

Classloader ---> memory area ---> execution Engine ---> Instruction ---> life
Classloader loads Class files,
memory area contains heap+stack+PC sets+mask,
And then it executes the instruction and it's output's life comes here.
What is Java Stack?
It stores frames and frame contains local variable and partial vaiable.
JVM creates each thread using private JVM Stack.
Since each thread is being created at the same time as a thread.
How does a new frame create?
A new frame is being created when a method is invoked.

PC register contains JVM address
This is the address of instruction, which is currently being executed.
Native method Stack contains all the native methods used in the application.

What is Execution Engine?
It contains a virtual processor, Interpreter, and JIT compiler. JIT means Just-In-Time compiler. JIT compiles the program as well as run the program at the same run-time.