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How to add Slack in IBM Bluemix to check build and deployment at cloud

Slack in Bluemix catalog:

it is a very popular web and system based application that is used for a digital hub for collaboration in companies and teams.

It is a kind of super-duper IRC. Slack apps can add features to channels with commands, using notifications from external systems (e.g., a new commit in GitHub, a build failure).

In the previous post, we have seen that how we create cloud foundry app but in this Bluemix post, we will see only how to integrate Slack with a running cloud enterprise application.

Go to the URL as in the screenshot as below:

Now, you need to press Add a tool button in right side as in the screenshot as below:

Now, search for Slack as in the screenshot as below:

Click the link create one now and fill the respective form detail as below or you can use another link in left side Slack API website if you have already login account or wanna create that.

Go to the URL as in the screenshot as below and follow the tab on for activating Incoming Webhooks as well.

Now go to below of page and use the form detail, copy them and fill record as below:

Now go to below of page and use the form detail, copy them

You will see the Slack as below:

Check it out:

Now, you will that your web app has been integrated with Slack;
you can now also add similarly pagerduty as well.

Use eclipse new tab and you will see as below after changing anything in HTML or java servlet file.
If you want to save and want to view changes in HTML then you need to go the second tab of git below pencil sign.

you need to fill name and email in more tab, after that click on Commit tab. Guys ! wait for two minutes here you will see above incoming tab that you have given an msg in the area of commit message and finally, you need to push.
you will see on pipeline tab as below:
First, build running and then deploy running.
if both of the tabs is running well you will get good commit msg in the slack tab.

Click on the url:

When you successfully as pagerduty you will not get any message till you have not got any problem in cloud deployment. It will show you a message that what you have changed!!!!!!!.