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Questions based on Collection Framework

  1. Write a program to create a list of users using array-list and then create a login  and logout method in Java.
  2. Write the same program using set interface and create a validation method for users  type in your collection set.
  3. Create a list having elements of map that contains on each index as (key,  value)  pairs and you can access this element in anyway like login and logout methods.
  4. Create a list that should contain at each index as list and check each index by a valid method if list doesn't contain any value at any index of the list,  then user can get valid information that this index doesn't contain list as item.
  5. Create a list of any type that should show priority concept first in first out.
  6. If you have created any list as your type,  use comparators for sort and use another method of customized sorted method of collection framework.