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What is Unicode system and why java uses Unicode system?

Unicode system stands for universal international standard character encoding.
It provides its own capability to represent the most of the written languages in the world.

Some other codes are:
ASCII (American standard for information interchange)
ISO 8859-1 ( Western European)
KOI-8 (Russian)
GB18030 and BIG-5 (china)

The above languages causes following two problems:

  1. The particular code corresponds to the different letter in Various languages standard.
  2. Encoding for large character set needs large variable lengths. some common character encoded as a single byte, other required two or more bytes.
Thus, to solve these above two problems, "Unicode system" was developed as a new language.

So in this Unicode system, Character holds 2 bytes, so java also uses 2 bytes for a character.

Lowest value: "\u0000"
Highets value: "\uFFFF"