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React js Framework

Why React js framework:

Future of React JS

Today, we are going to discuss reactjs and the react framework. Reactjs is a JavaScript framework used to deal with web applications like Facebook and Netflix. Amazon prime video is also developed with react Framework. This is the future of the JavaScript framework. If you want to use two-way binding then angular, a JavaScript framework is the best choice, but you have to deal with data that will render on-demand, then you have only one choice of the JavaScript framework that is reacting.

In other words, we can say if there is a vast database of millions of data like Facebook have. Want to render see at a precious time only those data that are important can be shared to watch and the rest data will render only when doing we required.

Hence, based on the requirements of rendering the data and security of data. Future of data reacts in the front end technology. So if you want to make your career in the IT industry as front end expert, full-stack developer or software engineer. Then this will be your best choice in 2019 to 2029 period.